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WKSRA Forms:


For 2015, all of our membership and event registration will be done online.  Please click here to create your account in the new system.


If you have multiple children or racers on your team, you will need to create one account for each racer.  However, you can use the same email address for everyone you will be signing up.  For example, if you were signing up three children, you could use the same email address for all three, the same password for all three, and just make each user name what their name is:

  1. Driver one:, user name JohnAnderson, password MyKidWins1
  2. Driver two:, user name PeterAnderson, password MyKidWins1
  3. Driver three:, user name JennaAnderson, password MyKidWins1

Once you have setup the accounts, be sure to fill in  all the Profile information for your racer!  You can add a picture, your race crew members, your sponsors, all your sled information and more.  These profiles will be available on the WKSRA website!


To complete your driver profile:

  1. Complete your initial registration for the driver as described above.
  2. Fill in the sled information.
  3. Click "My Profile" in the upper right.

Most of the profile information is located here.  You can fill it in, take a look at a preview and make any changes you desire.



General Racer Information:

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  • All drivers must register with ISR and receive ID number before they will be allowed to race. Register at

  • Helmets are required to be DOT and SNELL 2010 or ECE 22.05 and 75% orange.

  • The back of the driver’s jacket will require 144 square inches (12”x12”) of orange and include their sled number.

  • Eye protection (Goggles or helmet shield).

  • Over the ankle boots. 

  • Shin (with knee) guards.

  • ISR approved Safety/TekVest will be required in all classes.

  • Elbow pads are recommended but not required.



  • Tether cords in proper working order are mandatory.

  • All sleds must be equipped with stock OEM chain tensioner bracket, puck and brake band bracket.  Excluded from this are F1 and F3.

  • All sleds must be equipped with functional brakes, chain and clutch guards.

  • All sleds must have a battery operated light (bicycle light) on the back of the sled, even if they have a working taillight.

  • To aid in steering safety, heim joints, steering rods, and handlebar hooks will be allowed in all classes. (See hooks in stock class in ISR Book)

  • The color orange is not permitted on any sled; any visible orange must be removed or concealed.

  • Drivers number must be clearly visible on both sides of the sled and at least 6-8” high.

  • FUEL:  Alcohol, oxygenated/reformulated gas or fuel additives may not be used. 

  • Fuel will be periodically checked and must meet ISR and Digatron specs. These fuels are toxic, dangerous and cause serious health effects.




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