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WKSRA Forms:


For 2015, all of our membership and event registration will be done online.  Please click here to create your account in the new system.


If you have multiple children or racers on your team, you will need to create one account for each racer.  However, you can use the same email address for everyone you will be signing up.  For example, if you were signing up three children, you could use the same email address for all three, the same password for all three, and just make each user name what their name is:

  1. Driver one:, user name JohnAnderson, password MyKidWins1
  2. Driver two:, user name PeterAnderson, password MyKidWins1
  3. Driver three:, user name JennaAnderson, password MyKidWins1

Once you have setup the accounts, be sure to fill in  all the Profile information for your racer!  You can add a picture, your race crew members, your sponsors, all your sled information and more.  These profiles will be available on the WKSRA website!


To complete your driver profile:

  1. Complete your initial registration for the driver as described above.
  2. Fill in the sled information.
  3. Click "My Profile" in the upper right.

Most of the profile information is located here.  You can fill it in, take a look at a preview and make any changes you desire.



WKSRA Rules:




Maximum gear ratios of Jr. Novice sleds:
All Arctic Cats: 20-44
All Polaris: 17-41
Ski Doo's without TRA clutch: 18-44
Ski Doo's with TRA clutch: 16-44
You may gear down for smaller tracks but not above the maximum gearing for each specific model.
Thanks, Greg




NEW IN 2007
PLEASE NOTE: There can NO LONGER be any ORANGE on any sled.  This is per ISR rules and will be enforced.




Rules on Radio Usage:
WKSRA passed a rule as of December 31, 2002 that the use of radio devices with racers during any WKSRA race is not legal.




General Racer Information:


Following is a list of items needed to race:

  • Front ski carbide runners and rear track studs, oval race type for your model.  See

  • Rear tunnel enclosure.  See

  • Quality race helmet, ORANGE IS MANDATORY.

  • Chest protector.

  • Three inch race numbers installed on both sides of sled on the hood as high as possible.  Call the WKSRA Secretary for available race numbers.

  • See the Rules and Regulations page

  • See the Racing Divisions page


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